We create dynamic and professional Chatbots for Facebook Messenger or Custom according to your necessities, and  VoiceBot for Amazon and Google without any third party tool, apart from the main developing platforms. 

The incredible potential of Messenger Marketing combined with the dynamism of web coding. 

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What we offer you

Customized Customer Care

You can fully customize your customer care, defining questions and possible answers. Our platform is safe, stable and available for the most developed solutions

eCommerce Messenger

Would you like to monetize directly from Facebook with a Messenger eCommerce? No problem, let's talk!

Marketing stats

One of the greatest advantages of using a Chatbot is retaining loyal customers or acquiring new ones. We don't just give you the tools but also all the stats related to improve your business

Events management

E20 is our brand new platform for the management of events and entries. Not only bookings and sales, but we provide also our E20 Management App for validating and check the entries

Integrated management FB page

We can manage fully or partially your Facebook page, so that it can be perfectly integrated with our WebService services

Customized solutions

Our team is made of both Marketing Specialists and Senior Programmers, and with a complete audit, we can understand what your desires and necessities are, to offer you a highly customized product

The importance of a Chatbot

In order to understand what Messenger Marketing is and how it works, we must first analyze the three steps that a buyer (loyal or new) does before buying, which are Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

As Awareness we mean that moment when the buyer realizes to have a problem or a necessity, which leads us to the Consideration, the step where the buyer defines which are the problems or necessities and starts looking for a solution. In the end, the buyer reaches the final step, the Decision, which means the buyer has accepted a solution as “the best for his/her necessity”. 

If all this process was hard to track down and control, today with Messenger Marketing everything gets much more easier and efficient, since it allows to digitally go with the buyer into all of the three steps thanks to direct and automated messaging. The Messenger Marketing allows us to directly interact with the buyer, collecting all the necessary infos and giving us the opportunity to better understand which is the best solution for the buyer and provide it.   



In this chart we can see two examples of two different funnels (two marketing strategies), on the left the traditional marketing which uses websites and newsletters sent via e-mail, while on the right, we can see the flow representing the Messenger Marketing which uses Chatbots: both charts compare the activity with 10k visitors as example. 

Free contact and consultancy

We will show you how an easy to use tool for you and your customers can dramatically improve the user experience and your business, with extremely cheap costs


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Officina Tecnologica is a worldwide digital company based in Rimini. 
We are a group of selected freelancers and PMI who, in their respective fields, promote their own skills offering very flexible and competitive development & business opportunities to the customers, with an extremely high professional level. 

For further details you can reach us via email at info@officinatecnologica.com

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